Overview of services

Selling real estate

On-Market / Off-Market

With a lot of empathy, negotiating skills and up-to-date market knowledge, we support you in the sale of your property. We are happy to adapt to your rhythm and are there for you when it suits you.


Renting out real estate


Only those who are a perfect match for your property will live there for a long time: With a lot of tact and sensitivity we will take care of letting your property and finding the right tenants for you.

Valuing real estate

If you want to change, you need to know where you stand. We can help you with this! An up-to-date valuation of your property in line with the market is the first step when you are thinking of changing your life and selling your property.


Property Services

You are short of time? We will take the time! Whether it is mowing your lawn or cleaning the stairs – we take care of your property with the same passion as we would for our own home.

Search request

You are looking for a property? We will find it! Place your trust in us and we will find your personal dream property for you. In our search, we draw on our large, classified search network and provide you with exactly what you had in mind, whether it be a capital investment, a dream villa or a commercial property.


Property management

Be attractive and stay attractive: We will ensure that your property retains its value on the market. After a comprehensive needs assessment, we will manage your property in a collaborative and customised manner. Short communication channels and friendly cooperation are very important to us.